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  • Living paper series blade

    Living paper series blade

    Living paper series blade Xuzhou Chengzhi Machinery Toll CO,.LTD. Is the key enterprise specialized in the production of industrial blades,we rely on many years of professional knives and mould manufacturing experience,according to the different needs of customers to provide the best die blade,to meet the needs of customers,the factory specializing in the production of metallurgy,metallurgy disc slitting blades,blade metallurgical heat shears,ship cold shears cutting blades,corrugated bo...
  • Concrete Mixer Blades for Sicoma Bhs Sany Liebherr

    Concrete Mixer Blades for Sicoma Bhs Sany Liebherr

    Concrete Mixer Blades for Sicoma Bhs Sany Liebherr A mixing equipment is a common mechanical equipment in engineering construction and industrial production. Whether the blade of mixer is used reasonably and accurately has a great impact on the mixing quality and efficiency of mixing equipment. The mixing blades are mainly used in the mixing system of various mixing plants. After all kinds of materials measured separately in the measuring hopper, the control system will send instructions...
  • Crusher hammerhead

    Crusher hammerhead

    Introduction The high-chromium alloy hammerhead produced by our company is made of high chromium multi-element alloy steel loading with molybdenum, vanadium, nickel, niobium and other precious metal elements. After chemical water toughening, the processing hardness has been greatly improved. It integrates the advantages of high-chromium alloy including excellent wear resistance, high temperature oxygen resistance, corrosion resistance, with the superior toughness and machinability of cas...
  • exchange worktable fiber laser cutting machine

    exchange worktable fiber laser cutting machine

    Laser cutting achine numerical control system Simple professional operation interface A high-end intelligent and professional system for ultra-high power fiber laser cutting requirements.Stable and reliable,easy to deploy,easy to debug,safe production,rich functions,excellent performance and other characteristics,Is currently the market’s most advanced dedicated laser cutting system. Easier production management Processing and drawing are separated to ensure the stable opreation of proce...
  • Paver auger blade

    Paver auger blade

    Paver auger blade The spiral blade of paver is composed of blade and spiral. The position of the blade is different from that of the material, which can play a good role in moving or controlling the material. Although the blade of the paver is only a small and inconspicuous accessory, but its performance affects the conveying and distributing system of the paver directly. High quality paver blade shall be able to cope with all kinds of extreme wear environment, and with good wear resista...
  • WYP series CNC Electro-hydraulic servo press brake

    WYP series CNC Electro-hydraulic servo press brake

    Electro-hydraulic Servo Press Brake Full steel welding structure,and overall vibration treatment; Electro-hydraulic servo system cooperate with imported linear scale,synchroni-zation is moreaccurate and bending precision is more higher; Standand is CNC 3+1 axis,Y1 Y2 X V; Automactic supply of hydraulic deflection to eliminate effect of cutved shape slider to worlpiece quslity; Imported integrated hydraulic control system to reduce piping installation,and to overcome the leakage; Adopt im...
  • Anti vibration rubber for road roller

    Anti vibration rubber for road roller

    Anti vibration rubber for road roller Road roller anti vibration rubber is vulcanized by natural rubber, most of which in our company is produced through Injection Pressure Vulcanization. It is safer to use rubber vulcanization and can get higher splice. All the natural rubber is imported from Thailand and the bonding glue is imported from America, whose quality is guaranteed. The damping rubber block can be applied to road roller and compactor of various types vehicles with different to...
  • Rubber Track Pad

    Rubber Track Pad

    Introduction We are specialized in producing all kinds of rubber pad for tracked machines with hot die forging process, which is different from casting and stamping. The products produced by hot die forging process are stronger than those of the two methods. A metal core is an indispensable part in the production of rubber pad for tracked machines. Our company adopts advanced technology to forge 45# Steel and 45Cr materials. We can also process various sizes of rubber pad for tracked mac...
  • cutter teeth

    cutter teeth

    Cutter teeth Cutter head generally consists of four parts, including cutter teeth(alloy), cutter body, spring leaf and circlip, while only a few cover cutter teeth, cutter body and circlip, etc. Milling requires that the cutter teeth cut into the ground at first. Therefore, the cutter teeth must be of high shock resistance. Cutter teeth typically is sintered by coarse Tungsten Cobalt alloy powder in the vacuum environment, and then welded in the cutter body with features of flexural stre...
  • Ultrasonic Balance Beam